Finding Your 1 Word Problem

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It seems like the big thing we hear all the time at Brand Builders group is that many of you are of struggling and trying to figure out what is the one-word problem that you solve. And that is hard. It's tricky to do this and I know personally. Our first personal brand “Take the Stairs” was a New York Times best selling book and we knew that self discipline was what the book was about, but self discipline wasn't really the problem that we solved. And once, once we figured out that procrastination was the problem, that's when everything changed. If you are struggling trying to find what problem you solve, one thing that might help you is to get clear on the value that you provide.

Think about the benefit of what you do. For example, when in a recent conversation an individual told me the problem they solve is courage but courage isn't a problem. Courage is a solution. Courage is a benefit as a byproduct of doing things the right way. So if you can get clear on that, your benefit or solution, then just ask yourself, what is the inverse of that?

Another option is to ask yourself these questions:

  1. Who is my prospect?

  2. What problems do my prospects have?

  3. What questions do my prospects need answered?

Once you start uncovering these answers you want to look for a common underlying theme to help point you in the direction of what problem you may solve. Remember, in order to go from the unknown to the known you need to focus in on one problem. If you try solve all the problems (that you probably could) then you will ultimately solve no problems.

This entire exercise is to help you feel confident about choosing one path and then figuring out how to monetize it because you can monetize anything. But if you are confused then your audience will be confused. Then they don't know how to interact with you. They don't trust your brand and you have very little opportunity to become known for something.

You want to shape the way the world thinks about you so that every time someone hears your name, they think of you in a certain way and when see you on social media, they see you interacting in that way and when they look at your website, it's in alignment with that. And whatever that way is starts with discovering what problem you solve.

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