The Problem of Dilution and How to Solve it

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We recently had a someone in our Brand Implementation Group ask this question that I thought would be helpful to share with you:

“I own a gym, I have a personal brand, I'm working on Ebooks, and I also want to do more corporate trainings. Are these conflicting? Am I diluting everything?”

If  you’re running into a similar problem or feeling, the best place to start is to ask yourself:

“what would people buy from me and what business do I want to be in?”

It is really important to be clear on what business you're really in long-term. This is what a lot of people are not clear on. They're not crystal clear on both their message and what business they are in the long run on for the long-term.

So for example, going back to the question above - If your gym is the business that you're in, then doing ebooks, webinars and video courses could very much be aligned. Only if it is messaging around the goal of ultimately driving people to your gym, because that's how you've chosen to primarily monetize your expertise.

Where the dilution is coming into play in this example, is not so much with their brand as ebooks on fitness driving people your gym makes sense, it is doing more than one ebooks.

If you already have an Ebook, I would be focusing on the next thing, whether that's a course, a membership site or a service. In our trainings we teach on, what we call, the “payee checklist” which is five ways that you can monetize sort of any information business. Offering yourself as a service is usually the highest value, shortest runway, and least technological way to get there.

Going through roadblocks like this as you create and build your personal brand is what we specialize in. If you are interested in finding out if partnering with us to help you build your brand, request a call with one of our Personal Brand Strategists.

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