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Co-founder of brand builders group

Brand Builders Group is the world’s leader in the study of Reputation Strategy, with the mission to help every person identify their voice, tell their story, and share their unique message. Working with celebrities such as Kevin Harrington (Shark Tank) and Lewis Howes (School of Greatness) all the way to brand new aspiring influencers and entrepreneurs, it is one of the only true Personal Brand Strategy Firms in existence. Co-founded with his wife AJ Vaden, Brand Builders Group helps people become the type of person that everyone want to do business with.
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New York Times bestselling Author

Rory’s first book Take the Stairs is a #1 Wall St Journal, #1 USA Today, #1 Amazon and #2 New York Times bestseller that has been translated into 11 languages. Rory Vaden writes and speaks about how the key to building a rock solid reputation and to success in anything is to do the right thing even when you don’t feel like doing it. His powerful and emotional message makes him the perfect choice to keynote your next meeting. His programs are regularly tailored for leadership, sales, customer service, productivity and teams.

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World Renowned Keynote Speaker

Every year more than 25,000 contestants from 90 different countries compete for a chance to make it to the top 10 to compete for the World Championship of Public Speaking. Rory made it there twice and became the World Champion First Runner Up. Additionally, he has earned the highest ranking designation from the National Speakers Association as a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) and his Tedx talk on “how to multiply time” has been viewed over 3 million times. Rory is rare in that he can deliver inspiration, humor, and fresh insights that you and your audience can’t get anywhere else.

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Expert in Reputation Strategy

Rory frequently appears in the national media for his insights on personal branding and the specific elements of building reputation. He has been listed as one of the top 30 leadership bloggers in the world by Alexa and formerly hosted a podcast listed by Inc Magazine as the #1 best business podcast. His uplifting and thought provoking content reaches millions of people around the world.