Take the Stairs
Readers Guide


Paradox Principle of Sacrifice


Have a _________ mentality not a _____ mentality.

Problems that are ______________ on are only ___________.

The Paradox Principle of Sacrifice states that the short-term ________ leads to the long-term _______. Meanwhile, the short-term _________ leads to the long-term _________.

We _________ pay a price for success. We either pay it ________ or we will pay it _________________.

STRATEGY: Leverage long-term _________ to endure short-term __________.


ACTION: List out 5 activities that you’ll start doing that you’ve known you should be doing:

1. ___________________________________

2. __________________________________

3. __________________________________

4. __________________________________

5. __________________________________


Buy In Principle of Commitment

Commitment Continuum copy.png
The _____ we have invested into something the _____ likely we are to let it fail.

Don’t be a ____________.

A marriage is in trouble the moment one of the parties asks the question _________?

The moment we ask the question ___ “our mind _________ all limitations, new dormant forces come alive and we discover ourselves to be far greater than we ever dreamed ourselves to be.” – Pantajali

STRATEGY: Increase your commitment by creating ______________________of failing. Then set your mind to focus on the question ____.
ACTON: Answer the following to help create unacceptable consequences of failing:

Why is failing not an option for me?
___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________

What could I do to increase the amount of time and money I’m dedicating to this cause?
___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________

Who are my skeptics that I would love to prove wrong?
___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________

Pendulum Principle of Action


It does not matter what we say, our real beliefs are revealed by how we _______.

If you want to know what someone really believes in, just look at their _________ and  _____________.

The Law of Diminishing Intent says that our intention to complete an activity is________ the moment we create that intention and then, as time goes on, that intention slowly starts to_______.

Cultivate the habit of action by demanding ___________ rather than __________.

The Rent Axiom: Success is never _________ it is only _________ – and the rent is due ________.

STRATEGY: Keep perspective knowing that your _________ will change and what was once a _______ later won’t even be a __________.

ACTION: Next time you are in front of a set of escalators and some stairs. Take the Stairs!


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